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Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap
Jan 08 2013

Why Teach?

This time one year ago, I had already accepted my offer to move to Charlotte and begin teaching with Teach For America. My life was consumed with finishing my college degree on time, working part-time at my university, making my last college memories with friends, and obsessively reading through anything and everything I could find about the TFA first year corps member experience.
Now, one year later, I am a first year teacher only 11 days out from my official “half way through the year” point. Because TeachForUs was such an important and useful resource for me as a prospective CM, I had intentions of starting a blog with this community as a teacher.
I kept waiting for the “right time” to start blogging. I guess I thought something momentous would happen, or I would somehow feel one day that I had earned the right to share my teacher wisdom with the…

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